Done With You Service Remote Meeting Hosting

You can have a remote and trusted assistant set up your online meetings, manage the technical aspects of the meeting, so that you can focus on what you do best in the session


Start here Do online meetings scare you?

You run successful face to face workshops.
Your business has regular meetings.
Your organisation needs to host their Annual General Meeting
You have an important birthday that needs celebrating.
Are you scared of the tech aspects of moving these events online?
Do you need someone to hold your hand through the technical aspects of the process?

Hiring a VA might be just what you need.

At WAHM we've been working in the online space and remotely for years. We understand tech and are happy to set up and host your meeting or workshops on your behalf, holding your hand throughout the process. 


Why use us We love working online!

We love the technical side of things. We love facilitating the tech so that you can do what you do best. We're really good at making tech not scary! It's our super power!

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What we can do What is included?

Our Remote Meeting Hosting packages are tailored around your needs and can be as simple or complicated as you require. Packages start at R1990

Using the Zoom platform.

We can also host online conferences with the AirMeet platform. Quotes for this are on per event basis. Please contact us with AirMeet Quote in the subject line.

We can ...

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    set up the meeting with all required tech and security factors taken into account, for up to 90 participants.

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    email out the invitations and ensure all attendees are aware of what to expect and how the process will work

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    manage the meeting on the day, including waiting room access, troubleshooting and zoom introduction

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    take minutes during the meeting

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    handle the breakout rooms, polls and timekeeping

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    provide a recording of the meeting or workshop

We also have a free course that can be sent to any participants who are unfamiliar with Zoom.


What makes a WAHM VA so special?

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    She's part of a team, so she's always got back up.

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    She's motivated to upskill and has opportunity to attend multiple training sessions

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    She's a mom - she knows what it means to juggle roles.


What can I outsource? Why should I have someone help me?

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    Focus on your skills -

    do what you do best, and leave the tech up to someone else. 

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    Ease -

    as with in person meeting, arrive at the remote hosted meeting and have everything already arranged and set up for you

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    Troubleshooting on hand -

    no needing to find someone who might be able to help, the person is already there and waiting to be of assistance

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    Minutes and Recording -

    get help with keeping a record of the meeting without having to worry about the details. Minutes can be taken during the meeting, or a recording can be sent to all participants with a record of the chat, links discussed and anything else that was covered in the meeting

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    Break Away Rooms managed -

    participants sorted to break away rooms, time keeping kept and help given where needed. 

and a whole lot more!

Are you ready to focus on your sphere of genuis,

and outsource the tech to us?

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Are you ready? What are you waiting for?
Book your Remote Meeting Hosting today.

let us empower you to work better.