Mix or cause to mix together -

WAHM WorkSpace is a place for Work at Home Moms to mingle. A place where business collaborations are born. A place where friendships are forged. A place where #MomBosses find each other and work magic together.

Collaboration is at the core of coworking and is highly encouraged. As much as everyone wants to be their own boss, we also need to be a part of a community. We encourage you to talk to one another and make the connections that can make great changes happen!

Our role is to create the situations and space for productive and serendipitous mingling.

laptops cafe kid background

Move freely around a place -

WAHM WorkSpace offers multiple options for where to work, socialise and mingle.

Our Coworking room offers desk in close proximity with a clear sense of openness. We want everyone to have the opportunity to meet and connect with other members of the community.
Our networking events offer guided mingling with a purpose.

Our office workers have the opportunity to mingle with coworkers and other members in the social spaces.

No-one is tied to one spot, one room or one view at WAHM WorkSpace.