Our vision is to be the first choice coworking space for women.

Our Vision:

WAHM WorkSpace are women-centric coworking spaces where BossLadies choose to work because of the community; the care for their families and clients; and the way we make them feel. 

Our vision is about where we want our business to go, what we see as our purpose to our clients and our reminder to ourselves that we may be starting small, but our vision is to grow - nationally, maybe even internationally!

Our Mission is to be a place women choose to work at.

Our Mission:

WAHM WorkSpace is a women-centric coworking space company. Our mission is creating coworking spaces designed for and by women. By nurturing a community of open minded women who support and uplift each other in work, life and parenting, we ensure sustainability. We care about the wellbeing of our members, their families and their clients. People choose to work with us because of how we make them feel.

Our mission is about what we are doing day to day to head towards our vision, as well as ensuring our values are part and parcel of our every day running of the business. 

Our Values:

We have embraced the core values of coworking, but define them here in the context of our business and how we see them playing out in our future. All decisions we make will take into account these values!

Community is the heart of everything


People work better when surrounded by like minded people. People are what make or break a community, so we put people first in all decisions that we make. Communities develop out of encouraging relationship formation and not forcing interactions. No one can own a community, we choose to belong to a community. The fundamental base for a thriving community is trust. We trust our members, we trust our community, and we foster trust wherever possible. 

Collaboration is something you be, not do.


Collaboration is something you are, not something you do. It’s a mindset of being open to others and trusting that others have your best interest at heart, as well as having their best interest at heart. It’s about people learning to trust each other enough, to work on a joint goal together. It’s about the serendipitous crossing of paths, of minds, of ideas and the courageous joining together of two or more people. 

Accessibility in physical, emotional and financial spheres.


Accessibility applies to physical, financial and personal spheres. Our physical spaces are designed with accessibility in mind for people from all walks of life. Our spaces are accessible to as wide a range of BossLadies as possible through sponsored memberships, flexible plans and a variety of packages. Our community is led by self selection - the choice to be part of the community lies entirely with our members. The owners and staff are accessible to members at all times, and receptive to comments and criticism. 

Sustainability for our planet and business


Being sustainable means that we make decisions that sustain our planet, our community and our business. We choose to look after our planet when making decisions about our spaces. We promote resource sharing, recycling and a greener way of working. We choose to nourish the relationships in our community - both within and outside our space. We encourage natural relationship formation through our efforts. Our business embraces growing organically with the community our spaces nourish.

Openness in mind, spirit and space


Being open minded, vulnerable and accommodating are all aspects of openness. We encourage openness in both our physical space and our mindsets. We are inclusive in our dealings with the community. We consider all viewpoints equally. We encourage members to be open to relationships, collaborations and serendipitous encounters. The universe rewards being open to it!