What is Coworking?

The idea of coworking is simple - Independent professionals, and those with workplace flexibility, work better together than they do alone.

"Coworking spaces are about community building and sustainability. Participants agree to uphold the values set forth by the movement's founders - Community, Openness, Collaboration, Sustainability and Accessibility - as well as interact and share with one another."

- coworking.com

Venn diagram Working alone and Working together. Coworking is the overlap

The best thing about coworking with WAHM WorkSpace is the community of women bosses. First you're bound to be more productive. Secondly, you're guaranteed to make a whole lot of network connections and you'll be invited to interesting events to make more connections at. Additionally, you'll have access to all the free coffee you can drink! When you cowork with women it is extra special. You are surrounded by talented, focused freethinkers who sincerely want you to succeed at work, at life and at relationships. We are building our community on relationships and trust. We want everyone to succeed in what they do, the way they choose to do it.


Why coworking for Women?

As women we often have to fight to be noticed in male dominated situations. Many of us work in industries where there are already many men-run businesses. This means that we are working harder to be noticed. In our coworking spaces, you are assured a place among women who care about you. Our space is designed by women, for women. You can escape from the rat race and focus on what it is that makes you unique to your business industry, therefor giving you space to be your true self and blossom! You can read more of my thoughts on this here.

Initially I was focussing on moms, but even moms are women first. WAHM WorkSpace is now a space for women, some of whom happen to be moms! And that's why we have the added benefit of on-site childcare for those moms who need it. However the kids are separate from the space and won't be a distraction to other women working here.


Our goal is not only about creating better places to work, but to also create better ways to work!