A venue to meet, mingle and market!

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Venn diagram Working alone and Working together. Coworking is the overlap

What is Coworking exactly? 

Coworking is being an independent worker and choosing to work in the company of other independent workers. In the case of WAHM WorkSpace - in a space designed by and for women in particular. Coworking is the joy of working alone, together!

WAHM WorkSpace is a venue for BossLadies to Meet, Mingle and Market themselves and their products. We are a coworking community built around the core values of Community, Collaboration, Accessibility, Sustainability, and Openness.

Coworking is a growing industry in Durban. WAHM WorkSpace will add to the industry by creating a new, niche space for women. The coworking space will be designed by and for women, since it is well known that women work better and more comfortably in a work environment that is targeted at and designed for them. Our space will incorporate an open coworking space, a retail space, meeting rooms and a function room. We will provide onsite childcare on an ad hoc basis for a limited number of children per day. 

While we are in the process of building our community and finding the perfect venue, we have opened a small space for 5 women to work alongside each other as and when needed. 

Nourishing and building our community is one of our core values. In doing so we will offer networking events, talks, social activities and informal events throughout the month.


The WAHM WorkSpace will be a one stop venue for BossLadies to:

Meet with other business owners as well as clients in a professional environment;

• Meet potential collaborators, investors, staff and partners;

Mingle with professionals who have a similar mindset;

• Mingle with other BossLadies, who can share advice and encouragement

• Market their business ideas to fellow women bosses

Market their products in our retail space

• Market themselves for collaborations etc.